Burnt Ends, Singapore

Burnt Ends, owned by chef-restaurateur Andre Chiang is currently ranked No.14 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016. With Australian Chef Dave Pynt on the pass, Burnt Ends have caused quite a stir in the Singapore food scene with their incredible barbeque.

During my trip to Singapore, I did not have the intention of visiting this restaurant and therefore did not make any reservations. But when I was looking at Singapore’s Burpple Top 100, Burnt Ends was at the top and I just had to give it a try one way or another.

With only 17 coveted counter seats, it was quite a challenge to secure a place in their restaurant. So when I tried to make a reservation during the same week, of course they were fully booked. Luckily, there are walk-in options for people that could not get a reservation.

Miss M and I made our way to Outram Park with our fingers crossed.

17 Seat Counter

When we arrived, we were fortunate enough to snag two seats right at the end of the counter! We were so thrilled to try out what they have to offer.

The way Burnt Ends operate differs from other restaurants. Approximately half of the counter seats oversee an open kitchen that is dominated by a four-tonne, dual cavity oven fired by fragrant apple and almond wood. You can also feel the hustling vibe of all the chefs and watch them as they skillfully prepare your food. I wished we were seating there instead. It would have been a totally different dining experience.

Daily Menu

Burnt Ends offers a daily printed a-la-carte menu. As we were looking at the menu, our waiter suggested to start off our meal with their popular beef marmalade. The waiter said that loved this dish so much and he assured that if we did not like it, he would offer a replacement starter.

Our helpful waiter also assisted us in crafting the rest of our meal. He informed us how long it would take for our mains to be cooked, if the portions are enough for two and food suggestions to create a good flow in our meal.

Beef Marmalade & Pickles

Shortly, our starter arrived and indeed it was delicious! Flavours were not overpowering and each bite with the pickles was very tasty.

Burnt Ends Sanger

This burger was the talk of the town and some say it’s the best burger they’ve eaten. Naturally, I had to order this and try it for myself. In between the light brioche bun, there were shreds of pulled pork that melts in your mouth, delicious chipotle mayonnaise, and coleslaw. Burgers in general tend to be on the ‘heavy’ side due to having a huge chunk of meat but for this burger, the balance in portion for all the ingredients were spot on. Yum!

Onglet, Burnt Onion and Bone Marrow

As for our main course, we ordered their Onglet – a prized cut of beef that is obtained from the diaphragm of a steer. Upon ordering their steak, they brought out a piece of 180g onglet and asked if we were happy with the portion. One thing to note here is they did not ask what temperature we would like our beef to be cooked. They simply cooked the hanger steak to the best temperature in order to obtain the absolute best flavour out of the beef – a perfect rare.

A Closer Look

After being barbecued in their apple and almond wood smoked oven for 40 minutes, we were served with a very flavourful hanger steak with burnt onions and bone marrow. The cook throughout the steak was surprisingly very consistent. Every bite was so incredibly appetizing, I didn’t want this dish to end. They really did justice to this piece of beef.

Mango & Blueberry Tart

Still having room for more in our tummy, we ordered, as the waiter chuckled ‘their only dessert’ – A simple but delicious mango & blueberry tart.

So that concluded our meal at Burnt Ends. We were very satisfied with the food as well as their service. Too bad there was only so much we could eat (and limited funds). There was so much more that we wanted to try on their menu – their Squid, Venison, King Crab, Seabass, it all sounds really good!

I can now see why people are crazy about Burnt Ends. They have clearly mastered their barbecuing technique and their dishes are very affordable. Until this day I am still dreaming about their perfect-rare onglet steak. I look forward to return to Burnt Ends again.

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