Everland, Seoul

Everland (에버랜드), is South Korea’s largest theme park located about 1 hour away from Seoul. The theme park has five sections – Global Fair, Zootopia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure. One interesting fact about the park is that it was previously named Farmland. The theme park has an incorporated zoo where visitors can view them through a safari ride. Adjacent to the park there is also a water park called Caribbean Bay.

There are several ways to get to Everland. Visitors may use public transport which requires a bit more time to get there. Otherwise, some tours offer express shuttle busses straight from popular districts of Seoul directly to the theme park! And that’s exactly what Miss M and I did 😀

We looked up express shuttle busses in google and we came across a tour called Daesung Tours that offered a return shuttle bus for ₩12,000. We gave them a call through the hotel phone to book two seats on the bus. The pick up time was 8:20am from Myeongdong station and the return time was 6:30pm.


The bus departed Seoul from about 8:40am and we reached an Everland bus station after one hour’s ride. At the place where we were dropped, we were required to take another Everland shuttle bus to get to the theme park. The park opens at 10am. So when we arrived, we were about 10 minutes early before the gate opens.

At the front gate
Information Counter

Heading to Everland in the morning is a great idea in order to escape from all the crowds. I saw a review that said during peak hours (holiday season), queues could go up to a whopping 1 hour waiting time. The very first thing we did was we rode the T-Express.


The star attraction of this park is the T-Express. It is the first wooden roller coaster in South Korea and it is the forth steepest roller coaster in the world. Since Miss M was a roller coaster junkie (not me), we just had to take this ride (yikes).

Another angle

Miss M rode on the T-Express when she was younger and she remembered that it was quite a rough ride. I braced myself for what’s to come.

All set!

Riding the T-Express unfortunately was not a great experience for me. I forgot to take out my large necklace and halfway through the ride it started to fly halfway off my head. I panicked and started to hold on to it. Before you know it, snap! My necklace broke and it flew off 😦

I was already devastated at that point and I just hung on for the rest of the ride. It was honestly really scary. The drop was nearly vertical and I couldn’t open my eyes during the drop. The rest of the ride was also filled with many other slopes. This ride is definitely not for the faint hearted. But I know that this ride will be a real treat for thrill seekers!

Wasn’t a good start for the day but we moved on to explore other parts of the park. Bad things happen for good things to come 🙂

After T-Express, we went to a ride called Safari World at Zootopia. It’s basically a safari ride that brings you into a restricted area to see a variety of animals including tigers, lions and bears. Towards the end of the ride, the driver interacted with the bears and he made them do tricks! Very cool.

Happy bears
Adorable guinea pigs!

After that, we explored the European Adventure section of the theme park. There are no rides in this area, but there are a few beautiful gardens, many cool looking buildings, miniature buildings, sculptures and themed food stalls to keep you busy taking pictures.

Miss M
Mini garden
Miniature buildings
Really vibrant and colourful

Along the way, we saw a line friends store!

Everland currently has two mascots. They are two adorable pandas named Le Bao and Ai Bao. You can sorta guess which one is male and which is female. They have created a brand new attraction called Panda World in collaboration with Samsung. This is where they keep two of their coveted pandas.

Panda World
Panda Cafe
Le Bao the Panda
Hungry panda

The entire building was also filled with technologies developed by Samsung including a live 360 camera overlooking the panda’s home. There were also many interactive devices that gives us more information about the panda’s lifestyle.

Panda facts
Le bao & Ai Bao!

There are quite a number of live performances throughout the park at specific times. The main show which they advertise the most is their ‘Panda Musical’, featuring a panda named Le Bao. The musical presents the story of a panda that becomes a hero by saving animals of an endangered forest. It was pretty entertaining if you ask me, but Miss M said she dozed off a few times 😦

Panda Musical
Another Shot

We also manage to catch an animal show called ‘Zootopia Treasure Island’. I really loved this one because this show was a hilarious and adorable animal performance where they had cats, dogs, guinea pigs and birds to do really cute tricks! However, the whole show was conversed in Korean so I just enjoyed the visual performance 🙂

Zootopia Treasure Island
Performing Tricks

One last show that we managed to see is their Sea Lion Performance at Zootopia. I incredibly impressed with all of the tricks that the sea lion managed to do. At one point the seal was breakdancing! How awesome is that 😀

Sea Lion Performance

Before we left the park, we realised that we did not go for one ride called Lost Valley because we thought that it was an exclusive tour where you had to pay more money to get a close up experience with the animals. Turns out there is also a free ride for park visitors. So off we went into this really cool looking submersible bus that could immediately transform into a boat and float on water. For this particular ride we managed to see animals such as giraffes, zebras, and rhinos.

Sheltering from the rain
Poor camel 😦
Not sure what animal is this
Hello giraffe!
Endangered Rhinos
To be honest, the best thing about this park is their animal attractions. Their animal attractions are really well structured and really well made compared to their rides. We walked around the park looking at all the rides and they were mostly old looking carnival rides. We also tried a haunted house ride where we needed to shoot green lights in order to accumulate points, but it was really disappointing and wasn’t special at all.

Though, one thing I really liked about this theme park was they had internal sky lifts and cable cars! I guess this was to accommodate their park being on a hill. We took advantage of this and we rode both rides up and down several times 😛

Overall we had a great time at Everland. We were pretty lucky that there were almost no crowd because we went on a weekday and I don’t think there was any school holiday. So we managed to breeze through the park and sat as many rides as possible by 6pm.

If you do choose to visit Everland, keep your expectations low for their theme park rides, enjoy their zoo safari and remember to catch as many of their live performances as possible! 🙂

*Again, all photos are taken with Miss M’s Samsung Galaxy S7. I need to switch to Samsung asap.


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