Line Friends Myeongdong, Seoul

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Line Friends are mascots of Line, an instant messenger app that is getting increasingly popular in the Asia. Miss M and I started using the Line app since 2014 and we have been a huge fan of their app ever since. The star characters are Brown and Cony. All of their characters are really cute and charming with each character having different personalities.

Whilst visiting Seoul in Korea, their Line Friends flagship stores were just impossible to miss! There are three flagship stores in Seoul and many other smaller line stores. Some of the stores are also combined with a Line themed cafe. The very first Line Friends store we visited was the branch in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong – Line Friends Flagship Store

Megabrown with Sally

At the very front of the store, shoppers are greeted with a huge plushie of Brown! (also known as Megabrown)

Right at the left of the entrance there’s a small booth selling Line themed ice cream, macarons and other sweet desserts.

6 Pack Macarons
9 Pack Maracons

That is one really expensive pack of macarons. Then again premium macarons are priced similarly. But it was such a joy to see really well made macarons that accurately reflects the line characters!

Line Mini Chocolates
Line Dessert Store

We were so tempted to buy the super cute macarons. But since it was quite expensive, we settled for a soft serve ice cream topped with a brown shaped biscuit in a brown cup 🙂


Brown Ice Cream

In the store, they sell a huge range of items and souvenirs such as plushies, mugs, notebooks, pens, phone covers, pillows, socks, caps and many more. Most of their items are really expensive. But they managed to create merchandises that are so cute and irresistible! If you’re a fan of Line Friends, it is very likely that you’ll exit this shop with a lighter wallet 😛

Chinese New Year – Brown & Cony
Wall Decoration
Line Ranger Plushies
Brown and Cony
Line Pouches
Line Caps
More merchandises
And more merchandises

For this store, there was also an upper level where there are more life sized plushies to take photos with along with more clothing merchandises.

Going Up
Stairway view

Hanging out with James

Hanging out with Cony

Line Friends has been active in doing collaborations with many european countries, especially with companies that specialises in a particular product. For example, they have collaborate with Arabia 1873, Mr Maria and Lamy. As a result of their collaborations, they managed integrate Line characters with their own specialisation and turn it into high quality products.

Line Friends x Mr Maria

So that’s most of the highlights for the Line store in Myeongdong. Even though some of their items are on the expensive side, the price may be worth the happiness it could bring by purchasing a really adorable line themed product. I was a victim of buying their Brown coin bank 😛

Line is really passionate about their brand and it is clearly reflected on the products that they put out. They’ve also managed to expand their stores and drastically increase their presence in Asia in such a short amount of time.

The branch in Myeongdong is really popular as the area itself is quite touristy. On top of that, it is the only store that has a huge Megabrown displayed right in front of the store! Be sure to check this store out while you’re in Korea! 🙂

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