Cheek by Jowl, Singapore

Cheek by Jowl is a restaurant that serves Modern Australian Cuisine. The head chef, Rishi previously worked in Australia. After building his experience at both Sydney and Melbourne, he decided to move to Singapore to open up a restaurant that he can call his own. The phrase Cheek by Jowl means side by side. The chef chose this as the name of his restaurant because he was able to work alongside with his wife.

Upon Seating

Serving modern Australian cuisine, Cheek by Jowl produces artful plates using unique ingredients that challenges the food scene in Singapore. Chef Rishi creates dishes inspired from around the world  and the result is a style that collides cultures into one plate.

Lunch Menu

Miss M and I visited this establishment in the afternoon to experience their 3-Course Lunch menu priced at 38$. It includes a starter, a main and a dessert. On the menu, diners are able to select from two to three choices for each course.

Roasted Quail with mushroom, chestnut & mint

To start, we both ordered their roasted quail. It was served with chestnut, mushroom and mint leaves. The incorporation of the mint leaves with every bite added a whole new dimension to the dish. It was very interesting! However, I found that the mushrooms was a tad on the salty side which overpowered the entire dish.

Barramundi with leek, butter & caramelised onion

For the second course, we ordered their signature dish, barramundi. With the barramundi, they served leek, a bonito butter sauce and caramelised onion. Visually, the dish looks stunning! Chef Rishi and the team really put a lot of thought in their presentation and it shines through.

Unfortunately, the dish was quite average in my opinion. The bonito butter had a hint of bitterness which wasn’t really pleasant when eating it with the fish. I also felt like the rice puffs were quite redundant. Even though it added an additional texture, the flavours did not really make sense.

Yogurt Parfait with mandarin, yuzokosho & milk

Finally, for dessert, I chose to have their yogurt parfait and Miss M chose to try their caramelised pear.

Caramelized Pear with clove ice cream, thyme & molasses

Both desserts were pretty special with the use of unique ingredients such as yuzokosho and molasses. Definitely a highlight!

Open Kitchen

Overall, we both enjoyed ourselves with their preparation of their lunch course. Presentations throughout all 3 courses were amazing. At an affordable price of 38$+, it is one of the cheapest lunch sets you can experience in Singapore curated by talented chef.

The restaurant itself is relatively small, so remember to make a reservation. There is also a small 6 seater bar counter that overlooks the kitchen if you wish to see some action. Enjoy!

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