Line Friends Itaewon, Seoul

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Line Friends are mascots of Line, an instant messenger app that is getting increasingly popular in the Asia. Miss M and I started using the Line app since 2014 and we have been a huge fan of their app ever since. The star characters are Brown and Cony. All of their characters are really cute and charming with each character having different personalities.

Apart from the popular flagship store at Myeongdong, Line has another flagship store at Itaewon. It is the largest Line Store in Seoul as it also includes a Line Cafe as well as their corporate offices at higher floors. Visiting this Line Store was one of the highlights of the trip! It was special due to the inclusion of a themed cafe.

The Itaewon district is a little weird. There was almost no tourists and there were a lot of western shops around. I found it strange that one of their best line store is at this location. Surely they will be able to attract more people if it was located at districts like Hong Dae (a popular university shopping street).

Anyway, here’s what we experienced at the store at Itaewon! 🙂

Itaewon – Line Friends Flagship Store

Line Friends Store – Itaewon

Upon arrival, we saw a huge building that was completely occupied by Line Friends. It was so huge that we had to cross the street in order to get a whole view of the building.

At the ground floor, they also have a megabrown which I think is smaller than the one in Myeongdong. Throughout the first and second floor, they also sell all sorts of merchandises such has mugs, plushies, stationaries, phone accessories, kitchenware and many many more. There’s also a lot more decorative areas for visitors to take photos! 🙂

Enter the brown house

Miss M’s happy with her plushies

So am I!

Wall Art

Brown Deco

Brown Burger

On the third floor, they have their very own Line cafe with amazing decorations where they serve some simple western dishes along with delicious desserts. They named sections of the cafe after their characters such as Barber Brown, Moon’s Burger and Sally’s Kitchen.

Line Friends Cafe

Upon reaching the 3rd floor, we also came across a Line bus stop with James, Brown and Cony!

Line Bus Stop

Barber Brown

Line Cafe

Moon’s Burger

Line Cafe Menu

We looked around for a table and we managed to grab a table where there’s a plushie of brown sitting right next to us!

Line Cafe Buzzer

We ordered their Burger Set and it was one of the best burger I’ve ever had. It was surprising because usually themed cafes and restaurants don’t really have the capability to serve really good food. They did everything right and the food was simply delicious.

Burger Set

There were also these huge macarons which really looked like the actual Line characters. Really really cool!

Giant Macarons

We had so much fun dining here and taking pictures of all the decoration. The amount of detail put into the deco is amazing. The whole design of the cafe was very well thought out.

This line store at Itaewon is definitely worth the trip down even if it is just for the themed cafe. The atmosphere was very uplifting and you’ll feel very happy just hanging around 🙂

Don’t miss this one while you’re in Seoul!

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