Pompompurin Cafe, Singapore

Pompompurin Cafe is Singapore’s latest addition of themed cafes. Sanrio’s beloved character, Pompompurin is a golden retriever that can be recognized with his trademarked brown beret. He loves many kinds of dessert and it frequently disguises itself in the form of a dessert. It’s most popular form is a pompompurin pudding. How cute!

Pompompurin Cafe is located on the 4th floor of Orchard Central. We visited the cafe on a thursday afternoon so the crowd was quite minimal. Miss M visited this cafe on a weekend before and there was a long queue!

Pompompurin Cafe
Another View

Right at the entrance, we were greeted with a huge pompompurin arch. There were several posters presenting their menu as well.

Promotional Menu
High Tea Set for $49.99

Their $49.99 high tea set for two caught our attention! It includes a selection of cakes, sweets and sandwiches served on a three layer tray. The set also includes coffee or tea.

Casual Section
House Themed Section

Throughout the cafe, there were a few themed sections including a house-style booth. We wanted to sit there but it was fully occupied. So we settled for their normal tables. Nevertheless, they still incorporated many pompompurin items around including a pompompurin plushie!

Our Table

The amount of detail put into this cafe is really amazing. Even their lamps are pompompurin themed!

Pompompurin Lighting

Before we settled down, we took photos with a cute sculpture of pompompurin and his friends.

Pomompurin & Friends

When we placed our order, they gave us this cute little pompompurin table tag.

Our high tea set arrived and we were presented with 3 layers of beautiful pompompurin themed food!

3 Layer High Tea Set
High Tea Set with Pompompurin
Top Layer
Middle Layer
Bottom Layer

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves during this high tea. The quality of the desserts was a bit sub-par but to be honest, the atmosphere and the all themed items and cutleries made up for it. Not to mention that the high-tea set includes a small saucer plate as a souvenir 😛

If you’re a fan of pompomurin, a visit to this cafe is definitely a must! 🙂

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