Fat Cow, Singapore

Fat Cow is a Japanese inspired Steakhouse located at the ground floor of Camden Medical Centre. They pride themselves for serving top-notch beef straight from the atelier to your table. An excellent steak can be priced really high, but Fat Cow is famed for their affordable ‘Fat Cow Donbui’ for $45 which is only available during lunch.

Fat Cow Entrance
Entrance Deco

This was my second visit to Fat Cow after returning back to Singapore. It was so good the previous time and I just had to come back for more! 😛

Bar Counter

There are two sections in the restaurant. When you first enter, there is a section with proper table seating. Alternatively, if you walk through a hallway on the left, you will arrive at an open kitchen where diners are able to sit at bar-counter seats.

Open Kitchen
At the table
Set Lunch Menu

Since we knew what to order, we immediately selected their fat cow donburi set. The waiter asked what temperature we would like our steak to be cooked and we both chose medium rare.

Starters – Salad & Chawanmushi
Chawanmushi Close Up

To start, they served a salad and a glorious chawanmushi. It is one of the best chawanmushi I have ever had. The egg was silky smooth and they also incorporated chunks of seafood within the egg custard. Delicious!

Chef at work

From our seats, we could see the chef grilling our wagyu beef. We could see that the beef was not grilled directly on the charcoal the whole time. Instead, there is a second grill that is placed about 20 centimetres higher. I guess this technique is used to ensure that the beef is not overcooked. Interesting way of cooking!

There was also only one chef in charge for all the steaks. Aside that, he was also doing other preparations at the same time.

Fat Cow Donburi
Excited to eat!

At last, our main has arrived. A perfect medium-rare charcoal-grilled wagyu beef, topped with an onsen egg and shredded leeks over rice. It is also seasoned with a hint of truffle oil for the addition of that amazing aroma.

Wagyu Beef with Onsen Egg
Wagyu Beef

Every single bite sends you to heaven. I closed my eyes to savour every single ounce of flavour of that marvelous wagyu beef. It was literally seasoned and grilled to perfection. I can’t believe how good it is!

Vanilla Ice Cream

After having a satisfying main course, they served vanilla ice cream with chunks of honeycomb for dessert. The perfect way to end a lovely meal.

Fat Cow Logo

Their famed Fat Cow Donburi definitely surpassed expectations. The atmosphere of the restaurant was also very warm and relaxing. The added view of looking over the chefs was also an added bonus.

If you wish to satisfy your steak cravings without breaking the bank, the Fat Cow Donburi is the perfect meal! The restaurant usually gets pretty full so remember to make reservations. Enjoy!

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