Breakfast Thieves, Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast Thieves is a cafe that specialises in modern Australian cuisine with a touch of asian influence. With the success of their original cafe in Melbourne, the trio of Malaysian cofounders decided to open a second branch in their hometown!

Breakfast Thieves is located in Bangsar amidst a 63 year old commercial printing factory. There’s just something about abandoned industrial buildings. When turned into a space for commercial use, the vast internal volume and high ceilings makes a place really special.

Outside the Cafe

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon expecting a large crowd, and a large crowd we encountered. We were approached by a waiter and were told to wait for approximately 30 minutes to be seated.


There was a waiting area under a shed with self serving water, but Miss M and I passed on because it actually looked pretty hot in that area. So I went around taking snapshots of this amazing cafe.

Breakfast Thieves

The design of the cafe is really beautiful. Lots of glass for natural light to come in and lots of charming light coloured wood.

Outdoor Seating
Another View

After half an hour, we were told that there were two seats available on a sharing table. It did not seem like anyone was going to leave soon + we were quite hungry at that time, so we just went for it. The atmosphere of the cafe was really bustling. Everyone was having a good time chatting away.

Inside the Cafe

Now, on to the reason why we came here – the food! I’ve seen several pictures and reviews of the food served here and to be honest, I would have ordered the entire menu if I could. Everything looked seriously good! They had a really focused menu with only 7 dishes.

Since we had only two stomaches, we chose to order one of their most beautiful looking dessert along with a savoury dish that no one can resist. My French Lady & Mr. Terry Benedict.

My French Lady

This is one of the prettiest french toast I have ever seen. I mean seriously, it looks like French Toast City. The toast itself is chopped up in square cubes and it is served with perfume strawberry and thyme. On the bottom there are some salted dark chocolate soil, lemon curd and raspberry cream. To top that off, there are shards of mixed sesame, all neatly arranged to perfection for you to take the best photo 😛

Mr Terry Benedict

As for our savoury dish, we ordered eggs benedict with 24 hours braised beef cheeks seasoned with green peppercorn. Alongside are smoked paprika charred cauliflower, honey apple compote and delicious yuzu-hollandaise. I’m drooling inside from writing down the description of this dish.

Yes I’m aware their dishes are named with very interesting titles. Then again, why not! On their menu, they have other dishes such as Leprechaun, The Legend and Gypsy King – all of which I will return to try them out 😛

Another View

Both dishes were absolutely amazing! The balance of ingredients for both dishes were really spot on. The french toast was not too sweet and the addition of the sesame shards just added a whole different dimension to the dessert. The 24 hour braised beef cheeks were also packed with flavour, a highlight of the meal for sure.

And of course, coffee 🙂

There’s a reason why it’s quite popular. It’s because their food is actually really good! They managed to capture the essence of a good cafe all the way from Melbourne – showcasing what good cafe food is really all about. I can’t wait to return.

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