HarajuCube, Empire Damansara

HarajuCube is a dessert cafe that specialises in Japanese Honey Toast. Apart from their signature picture perfect honey toasts, they are also well known for their Haraju-Milk and Haraju-Tart.

Honey toast desserts are widely popular in asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. So it was about time that KL gets their very own specialised Honey Toast dessert shop ­čÖé


HarajuCube is located at Empire Damansara which is not easily accessible to tourists. So I guess this shop caters mainly for KL-lites. Once there, the cafe can be found on the first level of the building. The entrance of their cafe is so chic and eye catchy!


The decoration of the cafe was very inviting with their bright yellow walls and quaint potted plants hung from the ceiling. I have to say that it felt slightly Muji-like.

Pots & Plants
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On the wall

Looking at the menu, we were spoilt for choice! There were several savoury toasts on the menu too – such as the mayo egg and ham cheese toast. The presentation of all their toasts looked incredible. Pretty simple everyday ingredients, but they managed to turn eggs and toast into a delightful Instagram worthy dish ­čśŤ

We were tempted to try their Haraju-Tart but for the price Rm19.50 (shocked), we decided to pass on it.


We were on a food trail on that day so we weren’t feeling too hungry. Thus, Miss M and I decided to both share one honey toast and one Haraju-Milk.

Classic Honey Toast

The moment we’ve been waiting for.. Glorious honey toast topped with a generous amount of cream, a massive scoop of vanilla ice cream and wafer sticks. Oh and a strawberry on top.

Close Up

Inside, we have 8 perfect cubes that were toasted and smothered┬áwith honey & butter before being┬áreassembled back into the bread crust. Honestly I would have to say that this was one of the best honey toasts I’ve ever had. It wasn’t too sweet and every single piece of toast was simply delightful with the combination of the cream and vanilla ice cream.

Fruit Haraju-Milk

As for our Haraju-Milk, it was presented in a cute little glass bottle placed on a small wooden tray. Miss M insisted on having the fruit flavoured milk instead of the original. The milk itself was slightly frothed, which results in a smooth yogurt-like texture in your mouth. Yum!

Close Up

Plus, we have a cookie on the side ­čÖé


Although their honey toasts may be slightly pricier than other dessert cafes, be rest assured that they deliver the highest quality of honey toast that is on par with Japan’s quality. Plus, the presentation of all of their desserts are perfect for those who loves taking photos of their food ­čśŤ

Go forth!

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