Cantaloupe, Kuala Lumpur

Cantaloupe offers an exciting dining experience made with creativity and integrity at an elevated view of the city’s skyline. It is located at KL’s premier dining destination, The Troika.

Cantaloupe offers 3 main menus, The Cantaloupe, Scrumptious Sunday Lunch and Express Gourmet. For our adventure, we went for the Express Gourmet Menu on a Friday afternoon. The idea behind this menu is to serve an express 8 course menu within one hour. This particular menu changes monthly to keep customers returning back for more.


When we arrived at The Troika, we took a separate lift from the basement to access the restaurant. Once at the top, there was a small reception that directed us to the dining area. It was a weird system because the receptionist had to call another person at the end of the hallway to notify him we were coming.

During our walk, we can’t help but to notice the stunning furnitures that was beautifully decorated throughout the restaurant. There was also a small bar for guests to relax and enjoy a couple of drinks.






Once we arrived the dining area, the waiter brought us to our table. I specifically requested for a window seat overlooking the KLCC Twin Towers. I have to give a special shout out to our waiter though. I think his name was Taufiq. He was very welcoming and was very attentive to us.


So Cantaloupe serves an Express Gourmet lunch menu which showcases 7 beautifully crafted dishes. Even though there are 8 items on the menu, there was one course – Tomato was essentially a small palate cleanser. The menu starts of with 3 appetisers, followed by 2 main courses and 2 desserts.

Miss M & I proceeded to order mocktails to go along with our meal. My apologies as I can’t remember their exact names, but there were really good! 😛

Not long after, our first course came.

Cheese Toast

To start, they presented us with two little toasts – one with smoked cheese and another with truffle infusion. On the side we have walnuts, brie sauce, raisins and a little grape that will burst in your mouth 🙂


Although the ingredients used are fairly simple, the presentation for this was on point. However, I have to say that the portion of this was so small that it could be considered to be an amuse bouche.


The second course was a strong highlight of the meal. They managed to take a singular ingredient and present it in all kinds of tastes and textures. The corn was cooked 4 ways. There’s grilled baby corn, corn custard, cherry glazed popcorn and corn itself. To top that off, it was glazed with corn oil. Spectacular!


The presentation of this was jaw-dropping. It looks almost like a painting.

Smoked Salmon

Next, we have perfectly smoked salmon resting on a bed of fish velouté, confit potato and salmon roe. It is also topped with watercress oil and chinese parsley dust. This dish was another favourite of ours. We just wished the salmon was bigger! Honestly if it was, I could just eat this one dish and go home 😛

After this course, we had a small glass containing tomato granita, vanilla and rum soda to cleanse our palate.

Escargot Risotto Ball

For our first main, they served us risotto and escargot stuffed in a deep fried ball. This was a first for me. I’ve never heard or seen anything like it. But it was a really pleasant surprise! The risotto was infused with spinach, ricotta and beef glaze. On the outside there were also parsley sauce and burnt shallots, which provided really flavourful combinations with the risotto.

Corn Fed Chicken

As for our second main, we had slow cooked chicken breast and seared thigh. There were also yogurt mousse, spatzle and a pea salad. One thing to note is that the plate was glossed with oil. The lengths they go for presentation!


Finally, for dessert, we have a simple deconstructed tart with burnt butter chibouste and fresh raspberry.


To the very final dish, they did not hold back from attempting to create picture perfect dishes 😛


At last, for our final dessert, we have roasted hazelnut granita, apple julienne, toasted hazetnut, apple jelly and mascarpone cream. With every mouth, we get three different textures from the jelly, the nuts and the chopped apples. Delightful 🙂


This comes to the end of our meal. I have to admit that the portions throughout the 8 course menu was really small. We left slightly hungry at the end of the meal – and we’re small eaters!

The pacing between the courses were also slightly too long. We told them that we were not in a hurry, so that they did not have to rush for a one hour service, but our meal lasted for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, which was far too long in our opinion.


That being said. It was a great experience dining at a high elevation with well thought out dishes. Malaysia’s fine dining scene is still growing and we need more support from the locals!

For Rm120 I would have to say that this meal is a bargain. But do keep in mind that the current menu offering serves more like a tasting menu due to their portion size. However, it’s something that can definitely be improved on.

Thanks for the experience Cantaloupe!

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