Naj & Belle, Kuala Lumpur

Naj & Belle is a well known cafe in SS15, Subang Jaya. I frequently see foodies on Instagram posting a photo from Naj & Belle and I thought to myself, there must be something good here! Thus, on one fine Sunday we decided to make a trip down to the SS15 Courtyard ­čÖé

SS15 Courtyard

The set up of the cafe is quite unusual. Cafes are usually built in a enclosed space but Naj & Belle embraces an open space concept where the tables are placed outside of the cafe but within a small boundary.


Once we were there, the cafe itself looked very bright an inviting. The intricate design of the cafe along with their beautiful furnitures really makes their colours pop out.

Naj & Belle – Another View
Another Shot

I really loved the design of the cafe so I just went around snapping photos! ­čśŤ

Outside Seating

There was also an outdoor seating area which was empty during our time of visit.


Naj & Belle has two popular dishes that attracts most foodies to visit their establishment – their Strawberry Watermelon Cake and their One Sweet Mess dessert. My intention of this visit was to try out their one sweet mess!


However, as you can see, Naj & Belle doesn’t just bake cakes. They also provide all sorts of brunch dishes┬ásuch as salads, sandwiches, pasta and more.


We were spoilt for choice with the amount of items on the menu! To be honest everything sounded really good but we finally settled for squid ink pasta and a burger.

Hot Cappuccino & Iced Chocolate

Miss M chose to have their ‘200 Grams Beef Patty’. It was served between a brioche bread with melted cheese, crispy onion, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and potato fries. To top that all off, some edible flowers were also added to the mix ­čÖé

200 Grams Beef Patty

This was really pleasant surprise as it was really good! The beef patty was very juicy and succulent. Just a really great burger. The sweet potato fries was also a very interesting combination.

Burger View
Fries View

As for myself, I decided to order their squid ink spaghetti. It was served with fresh calamari, tobiko caviar and sun-dried tomatoes.

I’ve tried squid ink risotto before but I have yet to try a noodle infusion of squid ink, so this was a first for me. Despite it being black and scary, it was really really tasty. Those little bundle joy on top (ikura) also brought the dish to another level.

Squid Ink Spaghetti

Now, onto the dish that we came for. One Sweet Mess!

It’s basically a banana hotcake topped with fresh strawberries, blueberry, pistachios, burnt butterscotch & vanilla bean ice cream. On top the ice cream, there are also pieces of macarons to more┬ácolour to the dessert. Intense!

One Sweet Mess

That concludes our Naj & Belle experience. I can now understand why people frequently return to this cafe. Their wide range of brunch offering along with well constructed and delicious dishes makes one crave for more.

The Sweet Life


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