Perhaps Rabbits’, Bangkok

Perhaps Rabbits’ is perhaps the most whimsical cafe I’ve ever visited. Spending the weekend in Bangkok, I looked up on which cafes to visit on google and I came across this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed cafe.

It is located at Ekkamai Alley 10 in the Kamon Ville district. To get here, just hop onto the BTS and alight at the Ekkamai station. The cafe is about 10 minutes walk up north. There’s another popular cafe within the vicinity called (un)Fashion cafe if you wish to kill two birds with one stone 🙂

The location is slightly weird as the area is relatively quiet – there isn’t much going around in the surrounding. It felt as if this cafe should have been in a mall.

Perhaps Rabbits’
Pop Me Up!

As we entered, I was expecting it to be a large buzzing cafe but to my surprise, there were only 5 small tables. Even with the limited amount of seats, the cafe was half empty. Nevertheless, we made our order and took some interesting photos.

Some Tsum Tsum Treats
More Candy

Their selection of desserts are in theme which makes it such a joy to look at 🙂

Whimsical Desserts

The decoration of the cafe was pretty amazing! The amount of effort and detail put into such a small cafe was just incredible.

If only this was the door to my bedroom
As crazy as the mad hatter
Interior Deco
Love the view!

Once inside, there is a small counter where you can make your order.

Order Counter

We ordered ‘Keyramisu’ which was essentially a tiramisu in a chocolate coated cup with a chocolate key on top. Honestly it was very disappointing. The tiramisu had a weird taste to it. It also had this black jelly inside which is unheard of in a tiramisu.

Road Signs

At the back of the cafe, there was this small little room called the Rabbit’s Hole. I thought it would be a place for us to sit but it was essentially a room designed specially for picture taking.

Enter the Rabbit’s Hole

Inside, there was a table with decorated items on it.

Tea anyone?

Honestly I felt that this cafe had huge potential. If it was opened in a hotspot location like in Siam, with a much larger space and actual good tasting desserts, it would have been much more successful! Such a shame because the interior designer that created this cafe hit all the right notes.

However, if you have time to kill while in Bangkok, it wouldn’t hurt to give this place a visit 🙂

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