Garage 51, Bandar Sunway

Garage 51 is one of the four outlets owned by Coffee Societe. Located at Bandar Sunway, Garage 51 promises a once in a lifetime experience with their over the top milkshakes along with a delicious meal to satisfy your brunch cravings 🙂

Garage 51 by Coffee Societe

Known for their over the top milkshakes, they have a specially curated menu called the Messed Up Family. Having up to 5 choices, their milkshakes consists of flavours such as salted caramel, peanut butter, nutella, cookies and cream and a special edition – bandung.

If you’re on a cheat day, or you just want to reward yourself with a sinful dessert, head on over! 😛

The Messed Up Family

On the outside, there are several tables set up. But with the scorching Malaysian weather, choosing to sit inside was a no brainer.

A place to chill

Once inside, you’ll notice there is a top level seating area which was placed on top of their kitchen container.

Love the industrial touch
Our cutleries

Their brunch menu is pretty extensive. Ranging from scrambled eggs, baked sausages, smoked salmon, shakshuka, pancakes and more. I decided to go with their largest and most expensive dish – The Awesome Garage Breakfast 2.0.

Awesome Garage Breakfast 2.0 (RM26)

Right at the top we have a massive jumbo sausage and around it there were zucchini fritters, enokitake mushrooms, beef salami and a poached egg. There’s also a small ‘sweets’ section with strawberries and peanut butter on top of sourdough. One will need to have a huge appetite to finish everything on this plate 😛

Poked the poached egg
Another close up, because why not.

As for Miss M, she ordered baked sausage with mozzarella and sourdough. Also pretty yummy!

Fun Fact: Miss M loves cheese. I’m also starting to like cheese.

Baked Sausage with Mozzarella

Behold.. The reason why we came here.. Presenting, The Cousin!

The Cousin

Just by looking at it, you know it’s sinful right away. Salted caramel milkshake topped with brownies, cream and pretzel biscuits. It was pretty thick at the time it was served. So we had to wait a while for the ice to melt.

After experiencing this, I can conclude that trying this once is enough 😛

That’s the end of another foodie adventure. I’m so glad that there are an abundance of places that serves great food. It’s almost endless!

Garage 51 was worth going, their food is good but I would say that their milkshakes are a gimmick – but aren’t all over the top milkshakes gimmicks? Well, I haven’t had a really good one yet.

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