Nadodi, Kuala Lumpur

Nadodi, meaning nomad is a brand new establishment in Kuala Lumpur that promises to bring you on a gastronomic journey that you will remember for life. Their tagline “Engaging Nomadic Cuisine” was truly reflected in their preparation of their dishes.

Inspired from the Indian southern subcontinent – from Tamil Nadu to Kerala and crossing into the boundary into Sri Lanka, these were the food of the nomad peoples that have sustained them and nurtured their tribes throughout the ages.

Their cuisine, in a nutshell could be described as fun, whimsy, curious, adventurous. Throughout every dish, they pushed the limits of its ingredients with the magic of science.

Nadodi is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, nearby the Petronas Twin Towers. Upon arrival, there will be a jockey to park your car for you with a fee. Once there, patrons will need to take an escalator up to the first floor.


For the night, we were offered with their 11 Mile Journey, with 3 amuse bouche, 3 appetizers, one soup (filler), 2 mains and 2 desserts.

11 Mile Journey
Back Story

Throughout the night, there was a dedicated person to tell a story about most of the dishes, his name was Akshar. He is the operations manager that ensures everything goes smoothly and all patrons are comfortable and happy.

At Nadodi, they don’t simply tell you what is on your plate, they talk about the story behind each dish and how they came up with it’s creation.


First things first – drinks. I’ve seen their popular ‘Cocktail with No Name’ on other blogs and due to it’s unique preparation, I just had to try it. It’s basically gin infused with truffle for 48 hours. The result – a sweet and sour taste with a backdrop of truffle behind your tongue. You could definitely smell the aroma of the truffle from taking a whiff at the top of the egg shell.

Cocktail with No Name

Another cocktail we ordered was ‘Yazh’. A symphony of rye whiskey, sauvignon blanc and passionfruit puree. They went ahead and had fun with this one as they created some ‘honey caviar’ to go along with the cocktail.


To start off, we had three bite sized amuse bouche to tease the palate. Starting from top and clockwise, we have ‘Destroyed Staple’, ‘Lactose Free’ and ‘Malayali Trade’.

Next, we were brought a dish called ‘What Came First’ with a preparation of egg kalaki with a piece of dehydrated chicken skin on top. The texture was creamy, smooth and packed with flavours.

What Came First?

For the next two dishes, we have a presentation of the ocean brought to our table. The fish was topped with meringue, coriander leaves and a hint of lime drops at the side. The balance of flavours was spot on. Coriander tends to have a pretty strong aroma but they added just enough to blend its flavours into the dish.

Fishing the Backwaters

For this one, we had hokkaido scallops with a preparation of some sambal tasting sauce with a tamarind froth (excuse my memory – there was a lot going on and I couldn’t remember every detail). The sauce was pretty spicy, gives a satisfying ‘kick’ to our tastebuds.

Out of the Shell

Before the mains, they brought out what looks like a laboratory equipment to create a concoction of tomato soup. The broth started off at the bottom of the tube and there were some herbs and vegetables on the top. As the fire heats up the tube, the soup moves up into the top half of the tube due to the vacuum suction. Then it starts to boil together with the vegetables and eventually sips back down when the process is done.

I was pretty amazed – it’s just like theatre, but with food.

Monsoon Ritual

The chef then poured the soup into our bowls and pointed out the ‘lipstick stain’ on the bowl. Well, it isn’t really a lipstick stain but it’s supposed to be an indication for us to drink straight from the bowl.

Tomato Soup

The first of our mains is the ‘Silence of Our Lamb’, apparently inspired from the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’. They used sous vide technique to cook the lamb – which encapsulates it’s delicious flavours while cooking in a water bath. The result, a perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture with amazing flavours. I just wish I had more!

Silence of our Lamb

Honestly, at this point, I was getting worried because so far the portions has been quite small. I wasn’t sure that the rest of the meal could fill my tummy up.

And then came the golden sphere.

Nomads Globe

I absolutely did not know what to expect when I saw this and tried to connect this with briyani on the menu. Then, the waiter stared to reveal it’s layers one by one.

At the top layer, there were onions and a ball of yogurt topped with gold!! How cool is that.

Yogurt with Gold

In the second layer, we had the main of our mains. The briyani. Remember I said I was afraid that I wouldn’t be full at the end of the meal?

This dish is here to save your day (or my day at least). Akshar also told us we could have another serving of briyani if it was not enough. Honestly, the portion was spot on for me and I did not need another serving.

Chicken Briyani

Right at the bottom, there were also an eggplant on bed of curry sauce. All three layers were meant to be eaten together – mix and match as you eat.

Split into Three

Finally, dessert. First up we have ‘Kandy Tea Story’ where we have Chamomile macarons and two spherical ball made of peppermint and earl grey. The inside was a surprise as there were actual ‘tea’ encapsulated in the balls.

Kandy Tea Story

And lastly, cane sugar ice cream. Akshar said this was his personal favourite and he never failed to eat this every single day.

Mind of a Coconut

So that ends the 11 Mile Journey! If you ask me, my personal favourites are the sous vide lamb, the hokkaido scallops, and that lovely tomato broth. I would go back just for these three dishes.

Nadodi Team

Akshar mentioned that this was only their pre-opening. This allows time for them to experiment with their dishes. He said for their grand opening, possibly end of the month or next month, they will be changing 70% of the menu and creating mini cocktail pairings to go with the meal.

During the dinner, I spoke to Akshar and to my surprise, they had experience with Gaggan! I was pleasantly surprised, at the same time things made sense for me. They were so skilled with their preparations – those skills must have came from somewhere right?

We’re pretty lucky to have such a restaurant in our capital city. I believe in the future when this restaurant starts to build it’s reputation. People would actually fly to KL to experience what they have to offer.

To conclude, dining in Nadodi gives you the unique experience of having a full story of a meal – you hear, you see, you smell, you taste. Come and experience it for yourself! I promise you won’t regret it.

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