Botanica & Co, Bangsar

Botanica & Co is probably one of the few well known cafes in nearby KL. Located in Bangsar South, Botanica & Co is a place to wind down or to catch up with with family and friends. Surrounded with lush greeneries, you will get the feeling of outdoor dining captured inside this glasshouse-like cafe.

As written on their website, ‘Unpretentious hearty food, great drinks and warm conversations’ bring customers back again and again.

Walking in
Botanica & Co

There are two parts of Botanica and Co. The cafe itself and a Botanica Deli. During our visit the deli was under renovation so we couldn’t get a photo of that popular pink neon backdrop.

Hallway between the restaurant and the deli
Please wait to be seated

We arrived during lunch hours and had to wait for about 1 hour for our table. I noticed that a lot of people were dressed really well for a brunch meal. I guess it’s because the cafe itself is really bright and the interior is really great for taking photos and OOTD’s. Or maybe it’s just where most of KL hipsters like to hang out 😛

Another walkway (The green cubicle is a toilet)
Bo & Co

Anyway, waiting wasn’t too bad as there were tables outside along with a huge jug of lemon water to keep you cool.

Waiting Area
Lemon water to cool you down

One hour passed and we were brought to our table.


The atmosphere here was indeed very bright and vibrant. Large panels of glass surrounding the cafe and high ceilings adds to the spacious feeling.

Table for 6
Greeneries Inside
Table Mat
But first, Coffee.

One of the reason that brought me to Botanica and Co was their Japanese beef stone bowl. We had such a great meal at Fat Cow in Singapore (see here) – there must be a place that serves a similar meal in KL!

Truffle Yakiniku Don
Miss M ready to eat!

Thus, we both ordered a stone bowl each for ourselves and one large portion of cheese truffle fries – we went a little crazy here. The stone bowl was filled with a bed of California short grain rice, truffle soy sauce, pan seared rib eye and an onsen egg.

Botanica and Co is also well known for their ‘Churros Donut Stack’. This was pretty good! As you cut inside, it oozes out with cream. Great way to end a meal.

Churros Donut Stack
Seats overlooking the restaurant
Another view
And another view

Botanica & Co a pretty cool cafe! The ambience was spacious, vibrant and bright. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s pretty much a must go cafe if you reside in KL. Definitely worth trying!


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