Brew & Bread, Kota Kemuning

Brew & Bread is a hip and modern cafe located at Kota Kemuning. I live in the neighbourhood so this cafe is only about 5 minutes drive from home. It was undergoing renovation for quite a while and now it’s finally open!

Brew & Bread

The cafe has two levels – both floors having different unique interiors. Grey walls dominate the place along with lots of modern coloured furniture. When we arrived, the ground floor was full and we were directed to the second floor for a table. 

As you head upstairs, there’s a bright pink neon sign that you can’t miss. Almost felt like we were going into a nightclub.

“Da Jia Hao”

On the second floor, there’s a long communal table to cater large groups, a large round table, several 2-4 seater tables and a small outside dining area. Really love how there are distinct unique sections throughout the cafe.

Balcony Seating
2/4 Seaters
Counter Seats
Communal Table

For our meal, I ordered their Aglio Olio and my brother chose to try their chicken roulade. To top that off, we ordered scrambled eggs to share.

Driver & Sugar Daddy Coffee

As for drinks, my brother ordered their passionfruit, spearmint and lemon soda while I decided to try their nitro coffee called ‘Bombshell’. Never tried nitrogen coffee before so this was a first!

Passionfruit Soda

My nitro coffee came in a wine glass along with a card describing it’s origins and some other fun facts. They used beans from Brazil, Columbia and Indonesia, brewing them for 23 hours. The result – a smooth almost creamy like texture with a hint of tangy sourness(?). The flavour tasted really familiar but I just can’t get my head around what the flavour is. Definitely a unique preparation that is worth trying.

Not long after, our food came and their prawn aglio olio was the best I have ever eaten – and that’s a pretty huge statement. Seasoning was absolutely spot on and all the accompanying ingredients was portioned very generously.

Prawn Aglio Olio
Scrambled Eggs

I tried the chicken roulade as well and it definitely a really good chicken roulade. It was tender and flavourful.

Chicken Roulade
Coffee Station
That’s a pretty cool rug.
We will be back!

To summarise, Brew and Bread offers a great atmosphere for a meal or a cup of coffee. It certainly has that ‘Melbourne’ cafe vibe to it. It might be a bit far for those living in the city or nearby KL. But I can reassure you that the journey will be worth it.

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