Voyage Coffee, Beijing

Voyage Coffee is a another great place for coffee amidst all the amazing cafes in the Gulou district.

Voyage Coffee

The best way to get here is via Nanlugoxiang Station. However, be prepared to walk through the shopping lane with a sea of people.

Getting There

The cafe itself is relatively small. It’s an enclosed area with half the area having a glass roof, allowing sunlight to brighten the cafe.


Tables are small and limited to 2-3 seaters. There is however, a tall table with 4 seats – this is also where they brew their drip coffee.

Drip Coffee

The cafe provides a small menu with limited sweet items, allowing them to truly focus their efforts on the best coffee they can offer.


Since the cafe is small and they mainly sell coffee, you could easily smell the amazing aroma of roasted coffee, heightening the senses and in return allowing us to truly appreciate their craft and love for their brew.

Wi-Fi (password) is also provided on your receipt as you make your purchase and it’s relatively strong. I could connect to VPN and surf with no issues.

Another Section

Since the cafe was full, I took a seat at their tall table and spend some time reading Howard Schulz’s “Onward”. Drinking coffee while reading about coffee 🙂

The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing. Having different wall designs throughout of the cafe (bricks, cement and wood) provided an environment that felt like a home.

As for the coffee. It’s good! Flavour profile was on point with strong aromatic notes. They  also mentioned that the beans used for my cappuccino were beans from Panama.

Cappuccino, as usual

Right next to the entrance, there was also this gigantic flask for cold brew coffee. Very cool.

Cold Brew

That’s it! Nothing else to be said since the cafe is relatively small and all there is talk about is their coffee. If you happen to be strolling through Nanluoguxiang and you’re at the end of the road, head on over for a quick break and enjoy their craft 🙂


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