Zakka & Coffee, Beijing

Zakka & Coffee is part of a two-in-one store concept located in Gulou Street. After exploring Voyage Coffee, I was heading to Yandaixie to check out another cafe. But, along the way, I spotted this two storey store, Kodo.

The store was crowded and the concept seemed pretty interesting to me. So a detour was made to check this place out! 😀

Zakka & Coffee (Kodo)
Coffee & Zakka Location

On the first floor, it’s basically a gift shop selling merchandise such as stationery, toys, plushies and more.

Gift Shop
3 Floors

The shop was jam packed. I had to squeeze through to the back to a stair leading up to the cafe.

Going Up

There cafe has two floors – second floor and the rooftop. Went to check out the rooftop and it was as empty as a desert. Mainly because the season is changing from winter and summer and they have all these annoying seeds that looks like cotton flying around.

Rooftop Area
Another View

I made my way back down and looked for a table. The area is quite large with ample of seats throughout.

Zakka & Coffee

There are tables located next to a large window, which are probably the best seats on the floor as you have the view of pedestrians walking about.

Another View

Unlike traditional cafes and following modern trends, the cafe uses an iPad to order food and drinks. I ordered their green tea latte and ‘spaghetti and black pepper’.


The pasta was good! Absolutely loved the broccoli that was included (it’s my all time favourite veg). Got a little spicy midway due to the black pepper but overall I would say it’s quite delicious.


As for the green tea latte, it’s pretty good as well. Nothing very unique. It’s just a standard green tea latte.

Green Tea Latte

And some fruits to finish off the meal (it was my dinner).

Fruit Platter

Overall, no regrets making this detour. Surprisingly, there’s almost no article that covers this place. Never heard of it until I saw it on the street. Might be the first ever review 😛 (or not)

The ambience of the cafe was so-so. Honestly I found it a bit too dark. I like cafes that are brightly lit. But usually for large cafes like this, the experience won’t be too focused on the coffee and food itself. Instead, it would be a place to just relax and spend your day away with friends and family after taking a long walk in the nearby vicinity.

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