Baker & Spice, Beijing

Baker & Spice is an international bakery chain that offers delicious pastries, pies, bread, sandwiches, coffee and more. The concept originated from London in 1995. In Beijing, it is located at the Grand Summit in Liangmaqiao.

Baker & Spice

Getting here is pretty straight forward. Simply head to Liangmaqiao station and walk towards the Grand Summit building. From outside, you can immediately spot the cafe.

Getting There

Upon entering, the cafe itself is quite large. However, tables were arranged quite near to each other so it might feel a little cramped. You can also hear a constant stream of noise from the surrounding chatters as well as the occasional grinding from the coffee machine.

Cafe Area

At the back, there’s a transparent glass that allows you to see the back kitchen, where pastry chefs are working hard to produce fresh bread and other pastries.

Pastry kitchen

As usual, I ordered a cup of cappuccino and to my surprise, it was good! I usually don’t expect much from chain cafes but it was quite fragrant. They managed to get the right milk to coffee ratio of a cappuccino.


It was relatively hot in the cafe though. Probably because of the scorching heat outside (30 degrees). Even so, they should have enough air conditioning to keep the cafe cool. I’m not sure if it’s usually like this.

Towards the back
Wine Rack

The cafe felt like a local marketplace in Europe. The bustling sound of conversations over coffee and people walking in and out to buy fresh bread brings you to an familiar place.

Didn’t have the chance to try their pastries but I bet it should be good since they make them in house. Overall, a good place for a catch up or just to sit back and chill out for the day.

The Grand Summit
Club Building, 19 Dongfang Donglu

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